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Oriental Wok restaurant

At Oriental Wok you will be tempted with the wide range of Mouthwatering Chinese food of great quality. Here you will experience the hygienic procedures for meal preparing every time you order.

Our aim is to serve the real Chinese flavors on your table. At ChopChop we practice the most sophisticated procedure for cooking, following the authentic Chinese recipes and quality ingredients to give your taste buds a traditional Chinese taste. Chinese foods are always filled with great expectations of goodness and righteousness. We have formed the team of world’s finest Chinese cook team by picking the experts of this arena.

a true ChineseFood Experience

Either you wish to have a bowl of soup or want those hypnotizing noodles, our quick delivery service keeps the essence of your Chinese cuisine fresh and seducing.

Oriental Wok believes in perfection thus practicing the most promising home delivery and take away services along with restaurant of great ambience.

So connect with Oriental Wok today and experience real taste of china at your table. Our expert cooking team works hard to serve you with the best in every meal you order.

Mouthwatering Taste!

We have trained our staff keeping the originality of Chinese flavor in mind. We work to keep the traditional Chinese cuisine alive. Our chefs work hard and with great dedication satisfying your taste buds. Here You will experience the taste you never had before.

Not only the taste but the food quality and high hygiene standard will make you come again and again.